Bad Good Habits

We are the sum of our actions, and therefore our habits make all the difference
Aristoteles, 384 – 322 BC
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Hi, I am the author of this app. I decided to create the following app after having read the book „The Power of Habit” in which Charles Duhigg tells about the history of some research done in the USA in 2009. 1600 people who have a problem with obesity and said that in spite of tries they could not loose weights took part in the research.

Each participant got the list of guidelines what they should do and on what they should watch out for the following time, e.g. they were asked to increase their sport activity or not overeating. Apart from it the researchers asked them to note on the piece of paper everything they eat and drink one day in week. Each one dish or drink which get into their stomach ought to appear in their diary. Of course, at the beginning the participants had a problem with regular notes but after some time it got better. Surprisingly to researchers, the participants started losing some weight after a few weeks. Some part of the participants started recording every day what they eat.

The author of the book suggests that people who perform automatically do not think what they do and why they do a particular thing. “Now I will eat a bigger sandwich because I haven’t eaten for a long time” – say many people before dinner because they do not remember that they ate French Fries with mayo for breakfast.

Noting of your habits enables to an objective analyze of the data, without any distortion of human memory or perception. It is an invaluable fact which will help you to change every of your habits. Do you drink too much coffee? Do you want to read more books? Or maybe do you want to stop drinking alcohol? Start monitoring your habits fairly, limiting those habits and developing those good and your life will totally change.

I hope my app will enable you to achieve it.